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"I find Josh Hobbs' music to be refreshingly direct, clearly conceived and edited, and incredibly successful with performers and audiences alike.  My hope would be that he continues to direct his impressive talent toward the wind band medium with great regularity."

Dr. Timothy Mahr

Internationally Renowned Composer

"Josh is going to make an impact in the world of composition."

Brian Balmages

Internationally Renowned Composer

"Josh Hobbs possess a rare artistry. He is destined to make a

significant contribution to the world of music."

Dr. Paula Crider

Professor Emerita

University of Texas at Austin

"Josh's integrity, sincerity, talent, and dedication to his craft place him high on the list of 'young composers that you don't know yet, but will be hearing a lot from in the future.'"

Dr. Matthew McCutchen

Director of Bands

University of South Florida

“Josh's music is new and fresh yet retains a sense of familiarity. His works are composed in a way that make them universally enjoyed by performers and audiences alike.” 

Dr. Scott Tobias

Director of Bands

West Virginia University

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