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and more (2020)

for concert band

I awoke feeling excited on my birthday - not to celebrate another trip around the sun, but for the impending birth of my first child. She will be here in a couple weeks and I began thinking about how much richer my life is about to be, despite the challenges that come with a newborn. One obvious obstacle is the lack of sleep that most new parents endure, so I knew that I wanted this lullaby to incorporate the sounds of a jewelry box (depicted by the piano and metallic percussion). When it came to inspiration for a title, the words of Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld’s book “I Wish You More” worked perfectly.

I wish you more ups than downs. 

I wish you more give than take.

I wish you more tippy-toes than deep.

I wish you more we than me.

I wish you more hugs than ughs.

I wish you more woo-hoo than whoa!

I wish you more will than hill.

I wish you more can than knot.

I wish you more snowflakes than tongue.

I wish you more pause than fast-forward.

I wish you more umbrella than rain.

I wish you more bubbles than bath.

I wish you more treasures than pockets.

I wish you more stories than stars.

I wish all of this for you,

Because you are everything I could wish for…

And more.

I found these words to be just as meaningful for me as they are for a child. 

AND MORE is a lullaby and a song of hope for my daughter. 

My hope is that it will put us back to sleep and that our happiest dreams will come true.


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