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for wind ensemble

Tau Beta Sigma was founded at Texas Tech University in 1946 as a band sorority for college and university bandswomen. The purpose of the sorority was to serve as an honorary service and leadership recognition society, but was designed especially to provide the important additional social, educational and other positive experiences needed by the women in the band. Since that time, Tau Beta Sigma has expanded to over 230 campuses across the United States.


I found the origin story of this sorority very inspiring and empowering. When the Tau Beta Sigma-Zeta Psi Chapter at the University of Central Florida reached out to me about writing a piece, I decided the piece should feel like the soundtrack for an undeterred super hero (hence the title “Hero”, with an emphasis on the “Her”). Our heroine’s main theme (introduced by the low winds at m. 9) is derived in a darker tone from the TBS Loyalty Song and their National Hymn* (this is also a good time to share that for a brief time I considered “Heroine” as the title of this work, but probably would’ve led to some confusion…). 


As in any super hero story, our character isn’t fighting crime the entire time; she has some time for more subdued introspection in the middle section of the composition. This is short lived and leads to a dramatic conclusion as our protagonist accomplishes her objective of finding a safe and creative space for bandswomen to further the world of collegiate music. 

Commissioned and premiered by Tau Beta Sigma-Zeta Psi Chapter

of the University of Central Florida and conductor, Dave Schreier

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