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Turn The Page (2017)

for wind ensemble


“You cannot start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.”


This is a quote that has always struck me and especially did so as I made a difficult transition in life. Writing this piece is how I turned the page.


The first four notes of Turn the Page serve as the foundation of the piece, both melodically and harmonically. The brief pauses in the piece (in m. 29, 51 and 64) are figurative page turns; as we prepare ourselves for a life change we are sometimes caught off guard.


Turn the Page was commissioned by Dr. John Carmichael and the Florida Wind Band for their performance at the College Band Directors National Association Southern Division Conference in February 2018. Dr. Carmichael has been incredibly supportive of me in my career and this opportunity is just another example. I am eternally grateful!

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