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Soar (2014)

for trumpet quintet

SOAR is a depiction of an expedition of the most scenic of landscapes: the skies. Composers have written extensively on the darker aspect of flying, but I wanted to paint a different picture. Flying thousands of feet in the air is extraordinary and unlike anything else. It offers views unlike any other and to me, provides a sense of peace. That being said, on even the tamest flights turbulence is inevitable. So while SOAR mostly depicts the wonder of flight, things aren’t always as smooth as we hope.


SOAR is united by two distinct motives. The first being the Lydian-based melodic concept played by the top two trumpets in the first measure. The second prominent concept is a harmonic progression of a major triad shifting in minor thirds (first found in measures 8-9). These two ideas permeate the work and serve as the foundation of other melodies and progressions. Through mostly smooth sailing, SOAR takes on a five-minute journey in the sky before returning safely to the ground.


Commissioned by William Luckett

& the University of Alabama Trumpet Ensemble.


*Recording performed and produced by Jim Olcott.

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