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This Too Shall Pass (2018)

for wind ensemble


Before his sudden passing in 2016, Milton “Mickey” Sheffield, was a Florida resident

and huge fan of spending time with his family at the beach. Though referred to as

“The Sunshine State”, Florida is also renowned for its thunderstorms, particularly

during the summer. 


I wanted to depict the majesty of a Florida thunderstorm while capturing the similarities of mourning the loss of a loved one. Though there are times where thunderstorms and mourning someone are dark and difficult, ultimately there is peace. 


The opening flute solo reflects a prayer, the calm before the storm, and is found in many places throughout the piece. The brief interlude at measure 21 is another important motif in the piece and depicts the anguish we feel in these times, sometimes outbursts and sometimes from within. 


There are several times in the piece where different sound effects are produced to depict sounds affiliated with nature before, during or after a thunderstorm. This can be from simple bass drum rolls to simulate thunder, or more unique timbres such as blowing warm air through one’s instrument to represent wind or snapping fingers to portray raindrops. 


Jason Allgair, Director of Bands at George M. Steinbrenner High School commissioned THIS TOO SHALL PASS to honor the memory of his father-in-law. 




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