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Wild Ride in a Flying Car (2018)

for wind ensemble


WILD RIDE IN A FLYING CAR was composed to serve as an opening fanfare for the retirement concert of Dr. John CARmichael. from his illustrious career as a band director at many institutions, including Furman University, Western Kentucky University and the University of South Florida. 


The title references Dr. Carmichael’s name of course, but it also references John Adams’s composition “Short Ride in a Fast Machine”. The section beginning at measure 29 features the high wood block, woodwind flourishes and brass rhythms that Adams uses, while incorporating the themes specific to this composition. The main theme of the piece is the soaring horn line found at measure 21 (and hinted at before then). This should always be prominent! The octatonic nature of many of the woodwind runs gives the flight an edgier tone - one that should also be emphasized. The flight has moments of grandeur and distress, before ultimately landing safely on the ground!

Commissioned by Dr. Matthew McCutchen & the University of South Florida

*Premiered on May 19, 2018

Conducted by Bryan Braue

Sample Score



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