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Reflections: A Villain Within (Ballad - Winds Score)

Reflections: A Villain Within (Ballad - Percussion Score)

Letters from War (Mvt. 1 - Winds Score)


Josh will help create a show that fits your program specifically. You know what your program can do, and he will help you and your band reach your potential in a way that the band down the street from you won't.


Josh has written and arranged for numerous high school band programs and would love to write for yours too. He offers original music and arrangements - with no idea being too far outside of the box. For winds individually or winds and percussion, Josh will write for your band with visual effects in mind to help create a show superior to your competition.


Josh's marching band show arrangements contain percussion arrangments by renowned percussionist and percussion instructor & arranger Doug Moser. 

Please contact Josh through the CONTACT page or via email at to create a show that best fits you and your program!

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